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Oxford, PA  RAM Racing would like to congradulate Chris Wilson from Wilson Racing Engines for his win and runner up in a matter of three weeks at Cecil County Dragway. He is Cecil County's Super Pro Champ from 2009. Chris runs a 598 with a set of RAM Racing prepped heads running 6.90s. Not bad for a Naturally Aspirated big block. Good Luck Chris in the weeks to come.

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Belt Driven Distributor

Oxford, PA  RAM Racing is proud to announce that they will be releasing, their own design, belt driven distributor. This unique item will be available sometime in 2010, but the two initial prototypes will be done here in the next couple of weeks. "I hope we can get some testing done before the seasons out and have some data for PRI when we showcase them there", said Richard Maitre, the owner of RAM Racing. "I have been working closely with Long's Tool and Machine to produce a new innovative way to throw more spark at today's high horsepower motors". Updates will be posted as we go along.

Ram Helps Sidelined Conrad Scarry with Repairs

After racing at Fun Ford Weekend last weekend, Conrad Scarry had a camshaft problem that sidelined him for the entire week trying to make the necessary repairs. When he got here to Atco, the heads were still not even installed on the engine. He headed out to see Rich Maitre at RAM Racing Heads at the direction of fellow Pro Outlaw 10.5 racer Jerry Morgano. Maitre fixed the heads up, and Scarry and the Scarry Crew got the car back together after a long, late night. Not only did they get the car fixed, but they also joined Dan Millen in the fastest side-by-side Pro Outlaw 10.5 pass in NMRA history. Scarry is currently qualified second with a 6.802 at 217.18 MPH.